13-year-old Wanted to Leave Gang But Ended Up in a Hospital Instead

Growing up in Singapore, we may have come across stories of schoolmates being involved in gang fights.

We have also heard of ‘staring incidents’ that turned bloody.

There were also gang fights that took away lives.

Our parents and teachers taught us that gangs are made up of “bad people” and we should stay away from them.

However, there are still many young children who were led astray and joined gangs.

According to Transitioning.Org , these are usually children of those who are divorced or have not spent enough time at home.

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Stress and lack of friends may also make them feel lost.

Many thought that by joining gangs they will finally feel “belonged and wanted”.

Recently, yet another gang member realised his mistake of joining not one,but two gangs.


According to Stomp, the 13-year-old was also the “right-hand man” of one of the leaders.

After telling them that he wants to quit, one of the members brought along 3 other accomplices and were prepared to ‘teach him a lesson’.

He asked him why he wanted to quit, and seeing how he insisted on doing so, they started punching him.

The victim did not retaliate at all and he became a bloodied mess.

His mother called for an ambulance and he was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The doctors said that the victim will have to undergo facial reconstruction surgery, due to his broken nose.

It was one of the many other severe injuries that he suffered.

On the other hand, the 20-year-old accused was not remorseful.

He has been found to show “violent tendencies” since 2015, due to negative influence from gangs.

He has been sentenced to reformative training, since his parents could not control him.

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