15 Extraordinary Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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Sugar, Spice, and everything nice. These are the ingredients chosen to make the perfect women around us.  But what if some are given a bit more of these secret ingredients.  We have piled up for you 20 most extraordinary women you never thought existed in this world.

15.  Hourglass

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Born in Sweden, Miss Pixie Fox looks like a cartoon character and if you call her that she will beam with pride. Spending $80,000 dollars on getting that perfect hourglass shape of about fourteen inches, six of her lower ribs have been removed. Plus, she has also spent thousands of dollars on liposuction, butt lift, lip and cheeks injections.

Wow, that is a lot of pain!

14.  Anime Fever


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Anastasiya Shpagina is the real-life anime girl. Since she was a baby, she was good with make-up, so she experimented as an anime. The obsession took its toll when she thought that makeup wasn’t enough so took it to the heights. Yes, she is 1.58 meters tall, weighs about 39 kilos and she wants to lose more. I tell ya! This anime fever is getting out of hands.

13.  Presenting Madam Giraffe


When Lyudmila turned ten, her mother and father started to notice weird growth in their child. Lyudmila was grown from all sides. Her hands, her legs grew larger than the kids her age, but it was her neck that was particularly concerning.

A time came when Lyudmila was ashamed to go out of the house. So, her parents took her to see a specialist, where she got a name for her condition called Marfan Syndrome. She underwent corrective surgeries and physiotherapies, Lyudmila is a happy girl. She says she wants to study in future.

12. Like two peas in a pod

Like two peas in a pod, Abigail Loraine Hensel and Brittany Lee Hensel do everything together. Like literally.  Born on 7th March 1990, they are conjoined twins with two heads and a single body. They both even have separate organs for both bodies like lungs, heart and stomach. Abigail is a genius in mathematics while Brittany is a writer. They both have very distinct tastes and choices.

11.  Ouch


Elaine Davidson was a nurse by profession when she got obsessed by piercing her body. It was in January 1997 when she got her first piercing and after that, there was no stopping. She has now a total of 9800 piercing in her body making her the Most Pierced Woman of the world according to the Guinness World Records. You can see her wearing creative jewellery, exotic feathers, and colourful makeup. She stays away from alcohol and especially drugs. If you want to meet her book your plane tickets for Edinburg, Scotland.

10.   Hey Baby


Jyoti Amge from India is the smallest woman recorded by Guinness World Records. She is just 23 inches tall and weighs only 11 pounds. She is suffering from a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia. The world smallest woman has big dreams, she is an actress by profession, but she wants to touch the stars by working in Hollywood someday. Go big. Dream big

9.  To eternity and beyond


According to the data of Guinness World Records, Ms Emma Martina Luigia Morano who lives in a city of Italy is the world oldest woman alive. She was born on 29th of November 1899 and is said to be the only person alive belonging to the 19th Century. She is 116 years old. Emma married once in her life, but her marriage failed, and she left her husband. Since then she has been living alone eating one cooked and two raw eggs combined with some fresh Italian pasta and raw meat.

8.  Pop those eyes out


“It happened as an accident” Kim Goodman says. Since then she can pop her eyes out as much as 0.47 inches that are 12 millimetres.  She has been included in the top ten “feat” in their 50th-anniversary edition by Guinness World Records. That’s way creepy I tell ya!

7.   Thin as a stick


Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Velásquez is suffering from a disease that keeps her body from storing fats weighing only 29 kilos. She had been bullied at her early age, taunted, and laughed at. She was even dubbed as the ugliest woman on earth in a YouTube video. Now she is a motivational speaker and an author. She is a truly optimistic and has spoken on big forums like TED which got her 40 million views.

6.Real life Rapunzel.

– Throwback Thursday: Xie Qiuping's extraordinary hair locks amazing -Xie Qiuping from China has been growing her hair…

Posted by Guinness World Records on Thursday, December 4, 2014

Xie Qiuping of China holds the record of having the world longest hairs. Her hairs are 18 ft and 5.54 inches long. They are so big that Xie Qiuping now needs a helper to carry her hairs for her. Her secret to this glory is nothing but patience. She has her last haircut in 1973 when she was thirteen years old.

5.Can you lick your nose?

Adrianne Lewis became popular for her wild tongue. Her tongue is four inches long and she can tough her eyes with it. Okay, that’s cool. She has what it takes to be placed in Guinness World Records. She has even got herself a YouTube channel if you want to see her crazy long tongue and the tricks.



Christine Walton belongs to Las Vegas, Nevada and she holds the records for the world longest fingernails. The talented singer “The Dutchess” has not cut her fingernails since 1900. Her nails have grown 23ft and 11 inches in total. That is 7.34-meter long. Her nails don’t stop her from doing the daily chores. She can cook, drive and even braid her hairs easily. To make it even creepier, Christine’s nails are the same length of a president’s nose on Mount Rushmore, two mini coopers also a length of one killer whale. Massive!

3. Tattooed Up


The most tattooed lady or famously called the Illustrated Lady, Julia Gnuse holds the record of the most tattooed lady of the world. It started as a remedy for hiding scars she got from sun blisters. That didn’t help but the Illustrated Lady now has tattoos all over her body. She has her favorite actors and cartoon tattooed up. She even has her portrait too. Julia got so famous that she has a minor role in Aerosmith’s video Pink.

2. Sword Swallower


Natasha Veruschka was born in India with a mixed heritage. She is part British, part Russian and speaks different languages but that’s not the only thing unique about her. She holds the record of swallowing the most swords in one go.

She has a bog menu of swords which she swallows. The menu includes The Red devil which is the biggest one and is about 29 inches long. This is followed by The Big Sword which is 27 inches long, The Bradshaw Sword that is 25 inches long. Two steel swords of 24 inches called The Sai Weapons. She also performs an act called sword sandwich where it takes in many swords of about 12-13 inches long at the same time.

1.Hands of Hulk

The hands of Duangjay Samaksamam weigh 21 pounds each. She has been suffering from swollen hands since childhood which has led to many problems. She never got any education and was forced into hiding because of the embarrassment. Her daily chores are difficult for her to perform, she cannot shampoo her head or comb her hairs.

Medical professionals from around the world have been fascinated by her disorder and tried solving the problem but nothing has done solid work to remove her from misery. The only solution is to cut off her hands but Duangjay Samaksamam doesn’t want that.

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