15 Thoughts Every Guy Has When He Kisses You for the First Time

Your first kiss with someone will always be weird. Regardless if you’ve kissed multiple people when you kiss someone for the first time you will always get butterflies. You’ll always wonder if the other person thought you were a good or bad kisser. Being a guy and initiating the first kiss will be very nerve-racking. It’s hard to tell if his date wants to kiss him back. Here is a list of thoughts guys may have before, during, and after the kiss.

15. OMG-


Sometimes when you’re on a date with a guy you can tell when they want to kiss you. If they’re constantly complimenting you and cant stop looking at you, this is a hint they might want to kiss you.

14. Bad breathe


Every guys worries about bad breath before kissing someone. Even if they haven’t have smelly food they’ll still think about there breath stinking because there so anxious.

13. Does she want to kiss me


Sometimes guys don’t know if you want to kiss them back. If they’re initiating a kiss and your not responding they can be overthinking your reaction and get more nervous.

12. Food and Teeth


Before going in for a kiss some guys are thinking if they have food stuck in their teeth. It is embarrassing if they have food in there teeth and they go in for kiss.

11. Nerves


Before a guy goes into a kiss he is wondering if you can tell he’s nervous. He wants to be confident around you and the kiss to be effortless.

10. Stop being a wuss


When guys go in for a kiss they are having a bunch of thoughts in there head for everything that can go wrong. But in a matter of a seconds they finally tell themselves to stop being a wuss and go in for the kiss.

9. Where do I put my hands?


When kissing you guys are also worried about there hands. They don’t know wether to keep there hands on there sides or put them on your hips to make it intimate.

8. How do I tilt my head?


Since the guy is initiating the kiss its easy to tilt your head. If he tilts it to the right then you’re tilting yours to the left. Where they start thinking and get nervous is when to tilt there head throughout the kiss.

7. Tongue kissing


Some guys don’t know when to start kissing you with their tongue. They start with lip locking but they don’t know when to increase the level of intimacy to “making out” and adding there tongue to it.

6. Eyes open in a kiss?


While he’s kissing you he wants to know if you’re enjoying it. He wants to see if you’re enjoying it but is scared to open his eyes because he doesn’t want your eyes being open.

5. Oops


Sometimes when he’s kissing you he can feel self conscious in himself because if he hears something bang he automatically thinks he hit your teeth. Because of this he doesn’t want you to think he’s a bad kisser because he accidentally hit your teeth.

4. Bad kisser


When a guy pulls away from a kiss he doesn’t want you to think he’s a bad kisser. He’ll reply the kiss a million times in his head thinking of things he could of done better to make the kiss better. He wants to be the best kisser you’ve ever experienced. That’s all he’s thinking at that moment of time.

3. After the kiss moments


Once he kisses you he doesn’t know what to do afterwards. Sometimes there can be a silent moment because he’s thinking of what he should do or say after the kiss you just shared.

2. Are we exclusive now


Sometimes after a kiss guys wonder what you two are. He’s wondering if that kiss was special enough to make things official for you two or was that just another kiss for you.

1. Next date


Going through the process of kissing is very stressful for a guy. They go from thinking about if you want to kiss them, how to approach the kiss, does he have food in his teeth, does his breathe smell, when should he tilt his head, are you two an item after a kiss, did she enjoy the kiss etc. After the kiss is over with all he’s thinking about is his next date and how to kiss you a little longer.

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