16 Childhood Crushes You’ll Never Recognize Today

Having crushes on celebrities is a normal part of growing of. Celebrities are the people who seem to have it all. They have crowds of people adoring them; they get to realize their dreams, along with a lot of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, however, time and habits do catch up with all of us.

After a decade or so, some of our most beloved celebrity crushes now look nothing like their former selves. Much of this is due to their own choices, which is even more unfortunate. Let’s take a look at some of the most glaring examples now:




16. Emilia Clarke


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Our favorite despot from the Game of Thrones surely didn’t look like a ‘mother of dragons‘ back in the day!

15. Pamela Anderson

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The name of Pamela Anderson is very well known to those familiar with the 90’s. she was blonde, beautiful, and very well endowed. Plus, she wasn’t afraid to flaunt herself in Playboy and Baywatch.

Anderson also played the girl next door in the popular show ‘Home Improvement’. Needless to say, she was the crush of many a young boy in her heyday.

Sadly, though, the star soon faced a downturn when she made unfortunate decisions regarding men. she also went through a phase of hard partying and weird-looking plastic surgery.

14. Li’l Kim aka Kimberly Jones

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Kimberly Jones was known as Lil Kim to her adoring fans in the 90’s. her album Hardcore was released in 1996 and secured her place in the world of hip-hop and rap. That’s quite an achievement!

However, Jones as always insecure about the way she looked. This is evident by the number of changes she has made to her appearance over the years. In some ways, the changes remind us of Michael Jackson.

The musician changed not just her skin tone, but also her facial structure. The result is nothing like the original cuteness. Quite a pity for her and her crushing fans.

13. Tara Reid

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Tara Reid once ruled the acting world. Now, she is the classic Hollywood train wreck that serves as a cautionary tale.

Reid had acted in several TV shows and movies before the release of American Pie. However, the classic coming-of-age movie propelled her to the top ranks of acting fame. In fact, it may just have been too much success for her to digest.

Soon, Reid was making bad choices in her personal and professional life. she was usually seen partying in unhealthy environments. She also went through a series of relationships that didn’t work out. for now, she usually appears in B-list movies and isn’t a happening star anymore.

12. Axl Rose

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Axl Rose was the frontman of the highly popular band Guns ‘n Roses. The band was what defined early 90’s rock. However, Axl Rose was known for his controversies even back then. He would pick fights and create tension with not only other bands but also his own crew. Naturally, this did not make for a very healthy future.

He can be seen performing even now, but is unrecognizable from the rocking dude of his glory years. Certainly not the stuff that a young girl’s crush is made of!

11. Courtney Love

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In the early 1990’s, all-girl bands and grunge were on a high. We had The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and TLC. And then there was Courtney Love. She soon shot to stardom because of her unique voice. There was something about it that set her apart from other female singers.

On top of that, she was stunningly beautiful. It’s not surprising then that she was the crush of many fans. When she paired up with Kurt Cobain, they were like a royal couple of alternative rock. However, this relationship was not the healthiest thing for either of them. it finally ended when Cobain took his own life.

Courtney Love now looks very different from her young self. It’s not just a matter of natural aging, but also a few bad choices. One included getting a facelift at the age of 35. Needless to say, she does not really look her best these days.

10. Lindsay Lohan

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Beach ready! ???‍♀️

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The much-loved star began her career early. A double role in The Parent Trap made her the darling of many young viewers. However, the movie Mean Girls really took her to the A-list game.

With this fame came a number of troubles for Lohan. She soon became an icon for washed-up actresses and was seen partying hard many times. Plastic surgery also did her no favors. Her looks went downhill, and so did her career. She is no longer so fresh-faced nor as cute as she was. Hollywood may just have sucked all it can out of her.

She has even had some struggles with the law. Her court appearances clearly showed her haggard and a tired version of herself. However, in more recent appearances, she seems to be getting some of her low back. We wish her all the best!

9. Edward Furlong

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This former star started out young too. He helped defeat a terminator back in 1991. However, the musician and actor soon let substance abuse ruin his life and his looks.

The 90’s were, in general, a tough decade for him after his initial glory. He has also had problems with the law and has had multiple court appearances. Accusations against him include those of violence and coercion.

8. Leah Remini

Sexy and classy @leahremini

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Remini was a well-known actress starring in the shows “Saved by the Bell” and “Cheers”. Later, she would play the beautiful housewife on “King of Queens”. She was also on the cover of quite a few men’s magazines.

A couple of decades on, she appears aged, with stiff lips that may be the result of unflattering plastic surgery.

7. Aaron Carter

#AaronCarter's mugshot after being arrested for DUI and drug possession charges ? @worldstar #WSHH

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As Nick Carter’s little brother, Aaron Carter had a promising entry into the world of fame. He dated the likes of Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. However, he also let substance abuse get the better of him.

The law has called him out on his actions several times, and he declared bankruptcy in 2013. All this, coupled with several health problems, have made him look quite different today.

6. Demi Moore

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Demi Moore starred in several hit movies, including Ghost and G.I. Jane. One of the biggest names in the 90’s, she faced drug addiction in the start of her career. Her marriages were also mostly a dead end for her. She soon turned back to drugs.

This lifestyle, along with an eating disorder, soon changed her face and body for the worse.

5. Renee Zellweger

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Zellweger is probably most well-known for her role as Bridget Jones. While she was one of the most popular stars once, she is simply not recognizable now. In 2014, she even had trouble with the media refusing to recognize her.

4. Val Kilmer

The tall, blonde and handsome star of Batman Forever was a dashing heartthrob. However, he soon put on weight and lost it in a short amount of time. some suspected cancer, though he denied it. He now looks like a shadow of his former self.

3. Lark Voorhies

This was on my mind! We look at their faces and we don't know what they were holding or are holding inside! I see two individuals with their own health concerns that deserve support, compassion, help, and guidance not mockery or gossip. They are dealing with things that many people deal with especially in minority communities but it is taboo to talk about. When I look at these two beauties I see amazing talent and I pray that God guides people into their life to help them be able to effectively deal with their life. In the words of Maxine Waters help these women "reclaim their time" and to me that means reclaim their own life outside of entertainment and the place they are at now #maiacampbell #larkvoorhies #mentalillness

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Voorhies played the popular Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell. After this show, she didn’t get many roles. When she resurfaced recently, people were surprised at what plastic surgery had done to her.

2. Prince William

He’s not technically a celebrity, but the British Royal Family gets as much coverage as the Kardashians. In his youth, he had quite a few girls swooning over him. However, his genes soon caught up with him, and he is now not that swoon-worthy.

We’re grateful that he has aged naturally, though. Besides, he doesn’t need anyone crushing on him when he has that beautiful wife on his arm!

1. Meg Ryan

The star of “When Harry Met Sally” now looks much older than she should. She started off aging quite gracefully, but then fell prey to the old plastic surgery. Not a good choice at all!

Plastic surgery, especially all kinds of lifts, is an unfortunate trend in many celebrities. We hope the next generation can learn from their predecessors’ mistakes and avoid going under the knife unless absolutely necessary.

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