16 Kids from Your Childhood Christmas Movies and What They Look Like Now



As far as I could recall from my infant age, there were some renowned joyful pictures whose characters were thoroughly admired and cherished by every god dam man, regardless of their age such as Macaulay Culkin from home alone series and so were the others actors. The curiosity of knowing how they might look now has always popped in my mind. And intimate questions about their life like did they pursue with the acting stuff? Do they still share the same fame?

Here I have an assorted compilation of kids whom we admired the most as an infant.

16. Scarlett Johansson: Home Alone 3


In comparison to the first two in the series, third and forth part didn’t get the same response from the audience and thus went in oblivion. This being so, Scarlett Johansson’s appearance in Home alone 3 was neglected by people and probably no one can even recall her role in the movie. She played the role of Moly Pruitt, the older sister of Alex. Now she is one of the leading actress of Hollywood and known profusely for her role of Black widow in Avengers.

15. Eric Lloyd: The Santa Clause


In Santa Clause (1994), Santa clause 2, and Santa Clause 3: The escape Clause, he played Tim Allen’s son Charlie. He is 31 now and made his debut when he was eight. He hasn’t accomplished so much since Santa clause, but was part of some itsy-bitsy projects. Before he showed himself in Santa, he was on the show, The Wonder Years from two to five. However, he is ought to show up in the upcoming film, The Onyx of Wall Street.

14. Rebecca Harrell Tickell: Prancer


Prancer was aired in 1989, a story about a wee girl who finds an injured reindeer in the woods and considered it Santa’s reindeer Prancer. This role was played by Rebecca Harrell. Though she couldn’t earn herself a void in Hollywood, yet this was a must-see childhood even after decades.

13. Jessica Biel: I’ll be home for Christmas


She starred in I’ll be home for Christmas in 1998, when she was only 16. She has gone way more beautiful now and is an eminent actress of Hollywood. Her notable works after, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, are 7th Heaven for 10 whole years The A-Team, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Total Recall, Blade: Trinity, The Sinner, and she has lent her voice to Bojack horseman since 2016. Now, she is married to Justin Timberlake and has one son named Silas.

12. Jonathan Taylor Thomas: I’ll be home for Christmas


He is also known as J.J.T. Thomas is well-known for his act in 90s sitcom Home improvement. He also made his way to the shows from 10 till 17. One may not know, but he voiced Simba in the Disney’s The lion king, Yeah Simba: A masterpiece of all time. He was also successful in working in one the best movies at that time i.e Man of the house, Tom and Huck, Wild America, and etc.

11.Mara Wilson: Miracle On 34th street


Miracle on 34th street 1994 was a remake of the original in 1947. The remade movie casted Mara Wilson as the young girl: Susan Walker. A girl is finding it hard to believe in the non-existence of Santa. She along with her uncle fells in the quest for Santa and ends up discovering him. Though, she couldn’t manage a name for herself in Hollywood, but Miracle on 34th street is one of the best movies out there.

10. Jake Lloyd: Jingle All the way


Jingle All the Way

Played the role of a young guy who is insanely imbued with this frictional character of turbo man and desperately wants to have it. His father, Arnold, who is a poor fellow, heads towards the town to fetch his son a turbo man, not to disappoint his son yet again. Jake Lloyd was just seven when the movies was incorporated, and has touched 27 now. Jake couldn’t make his way into the Hollywood and only managed to be a part of some miniature projects.

9. Mika Boorem: Jack Frost


She played a side role in this scripture. There was a guy who had lost his father in a tragic car accident who returns as a snowman to make peace with his son. This guy had a friend named Natalie, the role played by Mika Boorem. She’s been part of plenty of movies i.e Blue crush, riding in cars with boys, etc. She is expected to appear in the forthcoming movie tale of the wet dog.

8.Joseph Cross: Jack Frost


He was the main guy in Jack Frost. A guy who has lost his father who returns to cheer his son up as a snowman. He starred foremost characters in the following movies: Big Little Lies, Tilt, Everything Beautiful Is Far Away, and Mind hunter. He is thirty years old now and is quite an active participant in Hollywood.

7. Macaulay Culkin: Home Alone 1 and 2


The most famous of all is the Home alone series. I have seen this over a million times and couldn’t have enough of it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Macaulay’s adorable looks did add extra charm to the role. He is 37 now and filmed a hundreds of movies; nonetheless, Home Alone solely hurled him to the sky. Furthermore, he doesn’t have the same enchanting personality now though he hasn’t changed much over the years.

6. Thora Birch: All I want for Christmas


Yet another child actor who was loved for her roles in several kids movies. People aren’t familiar with her movies nowadays but she has been a real hotshot then. She played the little sister in her debut film: All I want for Christmas. She isn’t in the spotlight like she was before, but it is heard of her making new releases this year or so.

5. Ethan Embry: All I want for Christmas


He played Thora birch’s big brother in All I want for Christmas. It was just the inception of his career when he played a role in All I want for Christmas. Following this movie, he made hundreds of movies and his career took a great flight to the airport of success.

4. Daniel Tay: Elf


In 2003, Daniel played a side role of half brother in Elf. He was 12 by then and Elf is reckoned as one of his fine works. He has not too often been seen over the screen after Elf, indeed he has not done movie any since 2007. He plans not to pursue with acting anymore. However, his facial features have barely changed over the decade.

3.Alia Shawkat: Deck the halls

In 2006, Deck the halls was released which had Alia Shawkat playing the role of Madison finch. At this time she was only 17 and dazzled people with her impeccable acting skills. She had been part of many other movies such as The Runaways, Drunk History, etc. Time has endowed her with a real beauty over the past years.

2. Taylor Momsen: How the Grinch stole the Christmas


She is known for her role as jenny Humphrey from gossip girl. She was just seven when she starred in How the Grinch stole the Christmas and worked alongside Jim Carrey. She had been in so many films but gossip girl marks the last of her works.

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: To grandmother’s house we go

In 90s, both of these have seemed to dominate the film industry as there were to found in almost every serial. They embarked their carrier at the age of six when the played the role of to twin girls in “To Grandmother’s house we go”. They have not been spotted since a while now, yet for sure had embedded their souls within us.

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