Common Mistakes Girls Do Every Day with Their Undergarments


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Not trying it on before buying it

Always get measured and fitted whenever you go bra shopping especially at a new store. Just like different jeans fit different across brands, the same holds true for bras. No matter how cute something looks, always try it on and see how it feels on the body before bringing it home.

Bra fit

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It is essential that you buy the right fit for yourself. Wearing an ill-fitting bra isn’t just uncomfortable it can also cause serious back-related injuries. If you pick a size too small, it may constrict the blood flow around your chest when worn for extended periods of time. Wearing a looser size won’t give the support that your tatas really need. A nicely fitted bra shouldn’t squeeze anything and neither should the straps fall off your shoulders.

Not following the care instructions

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Following the instructions bras and panties come with helps increase their longevity. Silk, lace and satin underwear need a little more love when it comes to proper care as compared to cotton ones. Some have very specific instructions like hand washing only, using a mild soap, air drying or warm water only. Take some time out and hand wash your delicates or invest in an undergarment bag which will make sure your delicates aren’t ruined during machine wash.

The right panty fit

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Just like bras, your panties have to be the right fit as well. Underwear that doesn’t fit properly isn’t just uncomfortable but it may as well be a fashion faux-pas waiting to happen any second. Panties come in a multitude of shapes, styles and cuts and finding the right one best suited to your body and hips will make your days much more comfortable. Opt for underwear for daily wear which will stretch out easily and won’t cut into your skin.

The right hook

Most of us hook our bras on the last clasp to get a feel of how the bra fits when buying one. Bad news, girls. You have been doing this wrong all along. It is recommended that bras be hooked in the first clasp and not the last. Bras lose their elasticity with time and you can substitute the first clasp for the second and then the third as you go along.

Moisture wicking underwear

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Always choose workout underwear which is made of a moisture wicking material. It is essential that your privates remain dry during workout to avoid bacterial growth due to sweat and dampness. It will also help in avoiding chafing in the vaginal area and around the nipples.

Not wearing seamless panties

Hate your panty lines showing through your slacks at work or ruining the shape of your new tight-fitting dress? Opt for seamless underwear.

Not disposing of worn underwear

Always take an inventory of your panty and bra drawer every six months. Ditch any pieces which are sporting holes, fraying at edges and are wearing thin. Take care of your lady bits by staying on top of your underwear game.

Not wearing underwear during the day

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If you are one of those women who feel suffocated by wearing underwear during the day and would rather not then it is better to re-think that decision.

Wearing panties during daytime as you go about your routine is essential for the health of your vagina. It will also help avoid your skirt or pants from riding up your behind and will keep your jeans from chafing your thighs the wrong way. Similarly, wear a bra during the day to give proper support to your breasts as well as the spine especially if you are heavily endowed.

Wearing underwear at night

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Just as wearing underwear during the day is good for you, ditching the underwear at night is also recommended. Wear breathable cotton underwear at home or go commando and braless if possible. Experts recommend avoiding wearing bras for extended periods of time to balance the blood circulation to breasts as well as to exercise the breast tissue.

Lingerie vs. underwear


Lingerie is not your everyday underwear. Keep it reserved for special occasions with your significant other or to wear underneath your fancier clothes. Everyday underwear should preferably be made of a breathable cotton variety and should be comfortably fitted.

Not opting for shapewear

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Shapewears are a life saver and not many people realize that. Some of your fancier clothes or work outfits may not do justice when work simply over panties and underwear. Unflattering undergarment lines are enough distraction to draw attention away from your ensemble. That’s where shapewear comes in. It will smooth out any lines and bumps and will give your outfit a more streamlined appearance.

Back fat

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Despite the bra being a proper fit, some of us still have a bulge at the back sticking out no matter what. This happens when the bra band at the back rides up and pushes the soft tissue underneath. Pick a bra which is not just the right fit but also a snug fit. The band should sit below the shoulder blades and should be parallel to the floor.

Silicon straps

Outfits that call for a strapless bra should be worn with a strapless bra. Forget about silicon straps because it isn’t early 2000 anymore. Invest in a few strapless bras or convertible bras to go perfectly under your off-the-shoulder tops and bare-shouldered dresses.

Wearing a bra for more than two days in a row

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Most of us find ourselves reaching for our favorite bras more often than others. But wearing the same bra consecutively for two or three days does not give it enough time to rest between being stretched by the body throughout the day.

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