A Malaysian teacher got angry with his naughty students in class fail to control his temper and ended up using violence against his students. HE THREW A CHAIR AT THE BOY!

It started when the teacher told the year 2 boy to be quiet and behave. The boy did not follow the teachers instruction to be quiet and ran away after the teacher approached the boy.

The teacher that got out of control tried to stop the boy from running by throwing a wooden chair at him. But the chair ended up hitting another boy. The boy that got hit got a big cut on his head and needed to 8 stitches.

The parents of the boy reported to the police.

“I was shocked and scared for my child. I went to the hospital and spoke to the teacher before heading to the police station to lodge a report,” 

“My husband and I have decided not to pursue this matter legally because we want to give the teacher a second chance,”


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