This Woman Took a Photo of Herself Every Day for 1 Year, the Ending Will Stun You



A picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, we cannot describe any event or a scene in words as good as a picture can, due to its detailing without the need of verbose explanation. A woman made use of the idiom and posted her picture every day for a year trying to call for help and to show people that what she was suffering from. We have added a few photos that will give you goosebumps about how harsh suffering from domestic violence can be and how we should stand against it as no one will help us unless we ourselves don’t.

The Mask of Happiness.

It all started when a woman just started posting her selfies. She was beautiful and attractive. She got a huge audience in just a few days when she started uploading her gorgeous smile every day. And its normal nowadays for a fine young lady like her who would do what she did, but no one knew nor could have suspected the grief and pain that has been hiding behind her smile.

The Smile started turning upside down.

Everything was going fine until one-day people noticed that her smile was not there. Her smile was fading away as days passed. People at first would have thought maybe it was a one-time thing, after all, who doesn’t have any family problem? But they when they were hardly able to see any smile they used to see earlier it was where it occurred to them that something was not right. But still, people were not paying much attention to it as there are ups and downs with every human being and people would have thought that time will heal her griefs as they say.

It became worse.

It wasn’t much worrisome that she started seeming sad as a person may feel unwell too but her few pictures were showing some signs of bruises and red marks on her face. Her pictures were trying to tell a story, a story that wasn’t going in the direction of happiness. The bruises and the red signs would come and go as the days were passing and it was making people worried. By that time she had already gotten many viewers who were seeing her not being in a good state.

She seemed like a strong Lady.

They say that God gives one enough pain that they can handle. This implies that if someone is suffering from too much pain then they are that strong. This seemed to be true with this lady as she was appearing to be confident every day and also like that she wasn’t letting the pain to get to her. The pictures were evidence of her strength and her ability to fight with the hardships that might come in her way of survival. Her bruises and wounds would appear and disappear but she won’t stop trying to smile and recover the wounds that were external as well as internal. It made people curious about her but no one knew her and her identity was a mystery to the people who were thinking she needed help.

But Still, God made women delicate.


No matter how strong a woman tries to become, a woman is naturally made delicate, unstable, dependent, sensitive and powerless in front of a man. The most she can do is to bear. But there is always a cap to what a human can bear and trying to handle it above that point is not easy, especially for women. Although she looked like she can overcome the pain of the inhuman behavior with her, the intensity of that pain again started to reflect in her pictures and the sadness could once again be seen to the people who were now anxious to know about her identity so to hear her out and to help her.

And even much worse.


They weren’t just bruises on her face only or just spots anymore, it was getting even worse. Marks of strangling around her neck and wound around her lips and on her face also started to appear in later pictures. It started to become disturbing to see her getting bruised to such a level. She seemed to have tortured and hurt carelessly and cruelly. Her serious injuries were shocking to the people watching her on daily basis for about a year, however, they were not surprised as they suspected it from her earlier pictures that how she had been a victim of domestic violence and domestic abuse.

A Cry for help.


After looking at all the pictures that she has been posting people could say that it was definitely a cry for help. There was definitely a reason behind what she did and the reason is nothing but too obvious that being a cry for help. Her pictures, starting from being a smiling face suddenly turning into a badly bruised person with eyes that were just a second away to burst into tears, were clearly showing how badly she is in need of a help and how she needs someone to whom she can tell and explain her sorrows. Normally one picture can say a thousand words but I say in this scenarios, the all those pictures are saying just one word and that is, “Help”.

The Croatian Campaign.

This is Croatian campaign against domestic abuse. Its purpose is to help raise awareness among victims of domestic abuse or those who know about such victims that no one can help them unless they help themselves and stand against it and do something about it. The woman called for help too by taking a picture with writing on it saying, “pomozite mi ne znam da li cu docekati sutra” which means, I don’t know if I can make it one more day.

People’s Reaction.

As this matter was exposed to a number of viewers their responses were also quite varying. To some this was pitiful and shocking while to others it was stupid. Many of the people said that the first time there was a fight involving the force of hand, the relationship was over and she should have left. They are of the view that she shouldn’t have waited too long just to make a point that she was being abused and it was just stupid of her to stay with such a human being who could do such harm to her. They suggest that separation is always a choice.

While to others it was an overreaction and it is normal to have a fight. In relationships there comes a point where you have to compromise at the expense of a few bruises and it is totally worth it if you get to save the relationship.

There is a group of people who don’t even feel sorry for her because of her not fighting back. One of them said, “I don’t want to hear I can’t. If you can’t live with it and don’t complain!

I guess I agree with the ones in favor of fighting back instead of agreeing with the rest two schools of thoughts which seem to have extreme approaches. In one case you would have to lose the relationship without even trying to save what could have been while in the other case you are losing your self-respect and self-esteem. If this even saves the relationship for a short span of time, submitting to such person will only provide them with a sense of dominance and it can make you suffer in the big picture. Fighting back will not just make it clear to them that you are not so easy to be controlled but will also make them realize if they are the ones making mistake and there is also a good chance you can have a better start in that relationship.

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