Turns out There Has Been Arrests in Public Transport: Up till Oct this Year, There were already 688

Yesterday, we talked about how we shouldn’t freak the **** out—if you’re a not fan of dogs—or get all excited—if you’re a fan of dogs—when you see a canine at MRT stations.

And if this is news to you, then you have clearly not downloaded our app which you should after reading this article.

So there is a good reason to why there will be more policemen and canines being deployed during this period.

Other than the fact that it is the holiday season, the number of arrests by Singapore’s Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) has risen over the last two years, Channel NewsAsia reported

Why am I not surprised, since we are always writing about all the fracas that are happening in Singapore, from public bangarangs, car accidents to sexual assaults.

The number of arrests is increasing

The number of arrests by Transcom has seen a steady growth—545 in 2015, 676 in 2016 and 668 up until October 2017.

Drug-related and molestation arrests

These arrests are just some of the cases TransCom officers have been dealing with.

TransCom Special Constabulary Sergeant Bryant Choo said, “There was an instance where someone tried to run away when drugs were found on them. A really short chase ensued, and they really had to hold on to the person and the person even tried to bite my colleagues.”

Yikes, who knew perps can get super aggressive.

Well, I doubt they would dare to bite a German Sheperd.

Doggos are (police)man’s best friend

Image: CNA/ Gwyneth Teo

They are no ordinary dogs (though all dogs are extraordinary to me); they are from the Police K-9 Unit and they go through strict training at only 18 months old, which is 12-years old in human years.

They will retire when they are 7 years old, which is about 54-years old in human years.

All that dedication and hard work, just to keep us safe.

So, the next time you see a dog in the MRT, give it a nod of praise.

All in all…

Let’s just hope with the introduction of the sniffer dogs, the number of arrests will dwindle down.

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