Zappos is offering to pay funeral costs for the 58 victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting


Zappos is offering to pay funeral costs for the 58 victims of the Las Vegas shooting. 

The Las Vegas-based retailer has already given roughly $20,000 to three families money for funeral and transportation-related costs, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

The day after the shooting, Zappos announced that it would match donations — up to $1 million — to a CrowdRise fund for those affected. Zappos’ own funds are being used to pay for the funerals, not the CrowdRise donations.

As of Friday, Zappos had raised more than $354,600. 

“Las Vegas is our home,” the company said in a tweet the Monday after the shooting. “We are deeply saddened by the events that happened on Sunday night, and we are working to ensure our employees and community are supported during this difficult time.” 


You can donate to Zappos’ fund here

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